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    • Registered Architect in Florida.

    • Registered Architect in Michigan.

    • Builder License in Michigan 


  • Master’s degree in architecture from Lawrence Technological University (top 3 Honorable Mention, 2009)

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University, Michigan (Cum Laude, 2007)


  • Continued education courses in Construction management and sustainable design from Columbia University in New York. & John Hopkins University.


    •  National Council of Architectural Boards (NCARB), 

    • International Code Council (ICC).



Experience in the field since 2004 in various areas of the industry with Extensive background in engineering disciplines including particularly structural, MEP Engineering, providing a comprehensive understanding of the built environment from multiple perspectives


At Rahal Architects, we believe that architectural design is more than just aesthetics; it's about creating spaces that inspire, empower, and elevate the human experience. Our design philosophy is rooted in the belief that architecture is the intersection of art and science, where form meets function to enrich lives.


While aesthetics play a vital role in our designs, we prioritize functionality, spatial movement, and efficiency. From the flow of natural light to the seamless transition between spaces, every element is meticulously considered to enhance the quality of life for our clients. We view each project as an opportunity to craft environments that not only meet but exceed expectations, tailoring our approach to suit the specific needs and desires of our clients.


With a focus on creating comfortable, harmonious spaces that resonate with the occupants, Rahal Architects is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation while remaining grounded in principles of sustainability, functionality, and beauty.


Thank you for considering Rahal Architects for your architectural needs. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.

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